Rajinikanth can make his wife

Munni Badnaam hui Rajinikanth ke liye

* Rajinikanth can make his wife admit her mistakes

* Rajinikanth doesn’t enjoy animation movies because he can see the gaps between the 24 frames every second

* The reason why Rajinikanth stuttered in the movie Darr, because he saw Rajinikanth behind Juhi

* When Rajinikanth gets depressed, the world faces great depression

* Rajinikanth is a vegetarian… He doesn’t eat animals until he first puts them into vegetative state with his blow

* If Rajinikanth’s PC hangs… its time for next windows release…

* Rajinikanth can sneeze with open eyes.

* Rajini is the reason why we don’t have any other superheros in India

* Rajinikanth can make 2 parallel lines intersect just by staring at them.

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