Once Rajni was the guest contestant

Once Rajni was the guest contestant in KBC. Amitabh says: Computerji, Rajnikantji to phela sawaal poochiye. Computer: main lifeline use karna chahta hu.

* Ek bar Rajinikanth ne ek aadmi ko “Go to Hell” kaha… That person is now known as Yamraj !!

* Rajinikanth knows Ek chutki sindur ke kimat… Rs 0.0234355884

* Once Rajinikanth told joke to a little kid… Now he is known as laughing buddha

* Rajinikanth can cure cancer with his first aid box

* Once Rajinikanth used the support of a building to tie his shoe lace, the building is known as Leaning tower of Pisa.

* Rajinikanth knows those two persons.. who shake hands in NOKIA cell phones…!!

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